The building of new home in Strathroy can be exciting and challenging at the same time. There are many different decisions to make and opions to consider. From selecting the property and the design model that best fits your family, to ensuring the rooms sizes and decor will suit your needs. Plus the many decisions in between that will make this home exactly what you want.

At Gardener Homes we make it our priority to help guide every step of the way. Our focus on open communication with our clients ensures that we get everything right the first time. It is important that our clients are informed and prepared throughout the process to help you make the important decisions today that will please them for many years to come.

To begin with, here’s a guideline we’ve put together to give you a better understanding of the building process and how Gardener Homes will be supporting you along the way. We are also just a phone call away if you have any other questions or concerns.


Finding a Model Home that suits your needs.

  • Meet the builder and express the most important needs you have for your new home. Review some of the madels designs and options the features and options that they offer. Start to truly identify and decide on what attributes are most important to you.
  • Take a walk through some of our Model Homes and look for existing design plans that work for you while discussing modifications and adjustments that would customize your home,to your specific needs.
  • There are always many questions along the way and Gardener Homes would like to make it as easy as possible for you to get answers. Here are some questions to get you started that you may want to consider asking the builder during your meeting

Are there any design restrictions I should be aware of?

Am I able to hire tradesman outside of the ones suggested by Gardener Homes?

Am I able to make changes along the way or is there a deadline for adjustments?

Will I be able to do regular inpections of the home while being built?

What features are included and what options will involve an additional cost?

Design and Decorating.

The design and decorating of a home may seem like something you need to worry about later in the building process.  However that is not the case what so ever. In fact t is vital that your design decisions get made as early as possible to ensure that during the building proccess, we make the neccesary adjustments to framework and finishing, that will later ensure the design and decor needs you have, can be met.

At times there are measurement requirements for furniture, appliances and other fixtures that will definetly need to be included in the building plans.  Some fixtures like fans and flat screen tv’s may also need extra support behind the drywall to ensure that the hardware can be mounted appropriately.

From flooring to door knobs you will need to decide on a consistent design flow that will work with the rest of your new or existing furnishings selections. While doing so you need to always be considering any adjustments to the home that will be needed in support. Keep us in the loop of all your choices and we can ensure that we are doing what is needed to make your wishes a reality.


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